The Hot Debate Over Economic Inequality

“Inequality” is a chic topic in the news.
Just what it means attracts many views.
Some believe that it needs no correction.
“It’s simply a result of natural selection.”
Many people of faith point out its sins,
And seek a society where everyone wins.
Realists say economic good times will end
If most of us have no money to spend.

The Mccutcheon Versus Fec Decision

Another five to four ruling.
Has the Fat Cats all drooling.
They can buy the fall election.
Once more the Supreme Court.
Has sold democracy short.
Setting a plutocratic direction.

The Republican Dilemma

Political pundits from coast to coast
Are now declaring Chris Christie is toast.
They once were inclined to make the case
That he would run best in a Hillary-race.
Questions arise who will the GOP choose?
Could it be Rand Paul or even Ted Cruz?
Most voters will simply collapse in a fit
If it turns out to be a recycled-Mitt.