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Next Forum Thursday December 5, 2019, 12:00 Noon,
Christ Church Cathedral Forum Room, 318 East Fourth Street


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                    (by Bill Woods for StreetVibes)

Advertised as “The Horrors of Dark Money in Politics and Government,” the Community Issues Forum held a Halloween Day Forum focusing on how “big money” is negatively impacting the political process in this country. Billed as a Halloween party featuring scary politics, it offered reformers an opportunity to have fun with this theme while also seriously discussing the need to take on a problem that is currently warping our democracy. Catherine Turcer, Executive Director of Common Cause/Ohio was the principal speaker, and the League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area and Common Cause were additional sponsors of this event. READ MORE

Past Forums

Forum Focuses on  Legislative Efforts To Reduce Gun Volence:  Part II Of Initiatives To Reduce Gun Violence   

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso have prompted new efforts to reduce gun violence through gun safety legislation. At the next Community Issues Forum, a panel will discuss current legislative initiatives in Ohio. The panel includes Michele Mueller, Local Group Lead for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and Andrea Herzig, a representative of Ohioans for Gun Safety. 

The Ohio General Assembly has been resisent to passing any gun safety regulations, but the recent tragedy in Dayton may have changed the minds of enough members of the House and Senate. Saying that “we have to do something,” Governor DeWine has proposed strengthening background checks and the possibility of enacting a “red flag” law (a court procedure to take away guns from people who are found to be a potential threat to others.). Meanwhile, Ohioans for Gun Safety is collecting signatures for a possible state-wide ballot initiative to put in place comprehensive background checks. As usual, time will be set aside for questions and comments from the audience.             

Forum Focuses on  Initiatives To Reduce Gun Violence In Cincinnati  

Thursday, October 3, 2019

 Besides the mass shootings that receive the newspaper headlines, gun violence persists on an all too regular basis in cities across the U.S.  At the next Community Issues Forum, a panel will discuss the initiatives being taken to reduce gun violence in Cincinnati. The panel includes Mitch Morris,  who directs the Phoenix Program for Cincinnati Works, Rukiye Z Abdul-Mutakallim, Director of the Islamic Center of Understanding, Justin A. Weber, Chief Investigator of the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office, Jack Jose of Christ Church Cathedral, and Brian Garry. representing a new anti-gun violence initiative of Neighborhoods United

Recognizing the tragic results of gun violence in our community, Christ Church Cathedral became invested several years ago in supporting efforts to reduce gun violence and to provide healing to the people that it impacts. The Phoenix Program of Cincinnati Works is one of these initiatives, and Mitch Morris becomes directly involved with many individuals and families caught up in the tragic results of gun violence. A new initiative led by Neighborhoods United seeks to create a city-wide plan for dealing with gun violence. As usual, time will be set aside for questions and comments from the audience.            

Forum Focuses on candidates running for the Cincinnati School Board.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Recognizing the importance of public education, the Community Issues Forum will feature the candidates running for the Cincinnati School Board.  Featured are Marlena BrookfieldCarolyn Jones, Heather Couch, and write in candidate Ozzie Davis.  Because state government has never properly responded to the Ohio Supreme Court’s ruling on funding for Public Schools, districts such as Cincinnati’s have struggled to finance their operations and programs. Meanwhile, Cincinnati Public Schools in recent years moved ahead with innovations such as Preschool Promise and a variety of special schools with unique programs. A renewal school levy is also on the ballot this fall. The candidates will be asked to talk about the current situation and their ideas for the future.

Candidates running for the Cincinnati School Board Continued.  Featured are  Ben Lindy,  Pamela Bowers, Steve Megerle and Gary Favors. 

Forum Focuses on Neighborhood Organizing

Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Community Issues Forum kicks off its new season with a forum focusing on neighborhood organizing. A panel –Daughton King, Jenn Arens,  and Michele Dillingham -led by Joele Newman, Lead Organizer for the Peaslee Neighborhood Center, will discuss Peaslee’s Equitable Development Rubric and other collaborative neighborhood initiatives. This luncheon forum takes place at 12:00 noon, Thursday September 12th, The Peaslee Neighborhood Center, 215 East 14th Street in Over-the-Rhine. (Limited parking is available in the parking lot next to the Center.)