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Thursday, December 10,  2020 at 12:00 Noon,  Via Zoom. The Role Of The Religious Community In Assisting People In Need And In Advocating For Economic, Social, And Political Justice – A Local Perspective

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The Role Of The Religious Community In Assisting People In Need And In Advocating For Economic, Social, And Political Justice – A Local Perspective

What is the role of the religious community in assisting people in need and in advocating for economic, social, and political Justice? The next Community Issues a Forum on December 10th will offer a local perspective on this theme. Peg Fox, the Executive Director of MARCC (the Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati), will discuss the critical issues that this diverse coalition of faiths is tackling, and the Rev. Karen Montagno, Canon Missioner of Christ Church Cathedral, will depict the community outreach ministries of this downtown church

Watch the this Community Issues Forum on Thursday, December 10, Noon- View via FACEBOOK



Covid-19 As Both A Health Crisis And A Spreader Of Economic Inequity
( by Bill Woods for StreetVibes…

Posted by Applied Information Resources on Thursday, December 3, 2020

Past Forums

Forum (Virtual) Focuses on Covid-19’S Impact On Existing Inequities In Greater Cincinnati 
Thursday, November  12, 2020, Noon

Before the start of the pandemic, poverty, homelessness, an affordable housing crisis, and other inequities related to income and race already existed in Cincinnati. Seven months of this public health crisis has increased unemployment and left too many families and individuals with insufficient incomes to pay for food, rent or utilities.

At the next Community Issues Forum on November 12th, a panel will report on how COVID-19 has increased existing inequities in this area. Speakers included  John E. Schrider, Director of the Legal Aid Society of Southwest Ohio, and Ryan Luckie and Michael Truitt of the Free Store Food Bank.

Forum (Virtual) Focuses on –Is the Pandemic Worsening and Where Do We Go from Here? 
Thursday, October 29 , 2020, Noon

Commissioner Moore provided an overview on the impact of COVID-19 within the community, her thoughts on how things are going, and what people need to know as it relates to prevention of the spread of COVID-19.
Michael Maloney presented some  October Update on cases in Cincinnati. Click for the powerpoint presentation.   Coronavirus October Update Powerpoint presentation

Forum (Virtual) Focuses on the 2020 Election-County Commissioner’s Race and Sheriff’s Race
Thursday, October 1 , 2020

The Community Issues Forum continues its series of forums focusing on the upcoming elections. The October 1st Forum features four candidates running for Hamilton County Government offices. County Commissioner Denise Driehaus (Dem.) is opposed by Matthew Paul O’Neill (Repub.) invited. Running for Sheriff are Charmaine McGuffey (Dem.) and Bruce Hoffbauer (Repub.) invited. Following their brief presentations, the four candidates will respond to questions from the Zoom Forum attendees.

Forum (Virtual) Focuses on the 2020 Election-Jaime Castle and Brad Wenstrup
Thursday, September 17 , 2020

The Community Issues Forum begins a series of forums focusing on the upcoming elections. The opening pre-election Forum on Thursday September 17t

h features the two candidates running for Congress in Ohio’s Second District;  Congressman Brad Wenstrup (invited) and Jaime Castle. Formerly a practicing physician, Brad Wenstrup has served in Congress for several terms. A newcomer to politics, Jaime Castle grew up in Green Hills and graduated from Miami University with a B.S in Secondary Education. She taught English at Roger Bacon High School and later established a small business as a seamstress. A mother of two children, she still substitute teaches in the Cincinnati Public School system. After presenting why they are running for Congress, the candidates will take questions from the Zoom-participants.

Forum (Virtual) Focuses on the Ongoing Environmental Crisis
Thursday, September 3 , 2020

The ongoing environmental crisis continues, but the the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the Presidential election have recently made it the neglected elephant in the room.

At the next Zoom Community Issues Forum, David Altman, an Environmental Attorney who represents average people and who takes on major corporate polluters, will provide an update on where things stand in terms of this crisis.

Besides recent distractions, Altman will review the impacts of environmental deregulation that have been a hallmark of the current Administration in Washington, D.C.