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December 1, 2011

Whatís At Stake If Hamilton County Fails To Sign An Agreement With The Metropolitan Housing Authority

Elizabeth Brown Part I,  Part II Executive Director of Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME), Kelly Kramer, Senior Communications Coordinator for the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority, and Jim Cunningham, Field Office Director, Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
November 17 , 2011

The 2012 Hamilton County Budget: Commission President Hartmann Reviews Its Content And The Decisions Behind It

Greg Hartman
November 3 , 2011 Occupy Cincinnati: A Panel Of Participants Will Discuss What Their Movement Is All About Josh Spring
October 20 , 2011 The Incumbent Cincinnati Council Candidates Make Their Case For Reelection Wayne Lippert, Amy Murray, Charlie Winburn (Republicans), Chris Bortz (Charterite), Laure Quinlivan, Cecil Thomas, and Wendell Young (Democrats). Roxanne Qualls
October 6 , 2011 The Initiative to Repeal the Health Care Act in Ohio Col Owens, Jack Painter
September 22, 2011 State Ballot Issue 2  David Pepper, Jonathan Dever
September 15, 2011 "New Candidates for Cincinnati City Council."

Mike Allen, Catherine Smith Mills
(Republican), Kevin Flynn (Charter), Yvette Simpson ( Charter/Democrat),Christopher Smitherman (Independent),Chris Seelbach, and P.G. Sittenfeld (Democrats). Patricia McCollumKathy Atkinson,
Nicholas Hollan

May 26, 2011 Reflections On Issues Facing The City Milton Dohoney  Part IPart II Cincinnati City Manager
May 12, 2011 Politicians Are Getting Ready To Pick Their Voters:  Shining Some Light On Ohioís Redistricting Process Pat Clifford, Common Cause/Ohio, Alice Schneider, the League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area, and Catherine Turcer, Ohio Citizen Action.
April 28 2011 The Local Impact Of The State Budget Process Col Owens , senior attorney with the Cincinnati Legal Aid Society
April 14 2011 Worker Justice:The Role Of The Religious Community

Tom Choquette, Director, the Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice.  and Don Sherman, Director of the Cincinnati Interfaith Worker Center. Worker's story.

March 17, 2011

 The Local Impact Of The Proposed Federal Budget Cuts:A Panel Of Agency Leaders Assesses The Potential Damage 

Gwen Robinson,  John Young,  and Dolores J. Lindsay,
March 3, 2011 The Role Of The NAACP In Cincinnati Christopher Smitherman
February 17, 2011  The Economic And Social Health Of The Cincinnati Region Dr. Eric W. Rademacher, Co-director of the University of Cincinnatiís Institute for Policy Research,
February 3, 2011

Building A Citizen Base To Support Public Education: Community Leaders Propose A Collaborative Approach

Burt Roehr, Educaiton Coordinator of the League of Women Voters, Charles Wallner, local chair of Prepare the Future/Ohio, Rolanda Smith Executive Director of Parents for Public Schools, and Cincinnati City Council member Mary Ann Berry,